Darkroom Notebook – Lightroom plugin

Darkroom Notebook – Lightroom plugin

I’m quite useless at keeping prints and films organized and I make my contact sheets in Lightroom because I do not have the time to make them all in the darkroom. So I made a little plugin for Lightroom so i can keep track of all informations on my analog pictures inside Lightroom and it helps me with archiving.

The plugin adds a 3 metatag sets with metatag fields to let you associate your analog infos with the photo.

Camera Tagset
Darkroom Camera Notebook Tagset - Lightroom plugin

The Camera metatag set let’s you store infos about :

  • Camera brand
  • Camera model
  • Camera lense
  • Aperture
  • Speed
  • Filter
  • ND filter
  • Misc. notes
Developing Tagset
Darkroom Developing Notebook Tagset - Lightroom plugin

The Developing metatag set let’s you store infos about :

  • The film used
  • Its ISO or ASA
  • Pushed or pulled process ( ex: +1 or -2)
  • Chemicals
  • Stand development
  • Dilution
  • Time
  • Temperature
  • Misc. notes
Printing Tagset
Darkroom Printing Notebook Tagset - Lightroom plugin

The Printing metatag set let’s you store infos about basic printing :

  • Enlarger
  • Lense
  • Aperture
  • Time
  • Paper
  • Size
  • Chemicals
  • Toning
  • Contact sheet reference number
  • Misc. notes (dogde, burn etc)

Tags are searchable and you can filter your library by them.

It should work with any recent version of Lightroom and is installed as any other Lightroom plugin.

Available in English and French so far. (i’d love to get some help with other languages)
Drop a comment if you have issues with it or if you want to add something to the plugin. I’ll post update on twitter @tiboalberny and the Facebook Page

And it’s open source and free. The code can be seen on GitHub. Have fun in your darkroom !

If you feel like this plugin has changed your life forever, you can send a donation that will be spent right away on films and beers.

EDIT – Apr. 27th 2018
 – Corrections on the “All” tagset
– Corrections on the french translation
V1.3 – Added Contact Sheet number to the Printing metatag set to help archiving
V1.2 Added 2 new metatag sets with new fields .
– Added “Toning” meta to the plugin


  1. Hi Tibo, and many thanks for that! It’s really an improvement for the LR metadata. So thanks again!
    I’m not a programmer and I don’t know how you did this, but I have maybe a suggestion about the rest of important metadata you may have when you shoot film. Most of them can not be changed in the EXIF & IPTC data, like the camera brand, type of film, dev used, process (of the film) and so on. I know, but I could be wrong, that all of them are written in the file in a digital image, and the only way I have found to edit them is to use some third parties plugins and software like Exif Editor that allows us to edit quite everything. Even my scan software doesn’t let me edit those data! (I use SilverFast) But Exif Editor doesn’t open PSD files, so you need to convert them in Tif before, and that’s a very long and boring job. I mostly shoot film today and use LR for cataloging only, after scan, your idea is very great, so is it possible to add some new fields to enter more data like camera brand, name et type, lens, aperture, speed, film, ISO used, chemistry, dilution, time & temp, type of dev, and other data about film photography?
    Anyway, thank you very much for your idea!
    Pierre-Gilles, vicky.photo, @MamiyaRZ67proII

    • Hey Pierre-Gilles,

      Thanks for your review 🙂
      I’m working on a new version at the moment that will include metatags for developing.
      Good idea for the camera and the lense, i’ll add those as well.

  2. Many thanks for your work Tibo. All seems to be OK and great! I use a french version of LR and I don’t know if it’s an automatic translation, but “Stand dev” have been translated in “Dev.debout” in French… And “Push/Pull” by “Pousser/Tirer”. Quite funny! Anyway, it’s not a real problem…
    You have added so many interesting ideas yourself, like 2 lines for the filters, and a lot of lines for “Notes”. Great!
    I see 3 lines at the beginning that I think being the titles of each part, “Notes de l’appareil”, “Notes de dév.” et “Notes de tirages”. So there is maybe a little problem of classification in the list. But that does not prevent us from entering every quite all information about a workflow with film photography.
    So many thanks again, I will tell you if I have some new ideas!
    Best regards,

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